Never get discouraged if you fail!(失敗を誤りだと言ってはいけない)


~ 公立中英作文の解答 ~
1. You must do your homework.   2. He is as tall as his father.   3. My aunt bought me this camera.
4. Have you finished your homework yet?   5. Have you ever been to Canada?
6. How long have you lived here?   7. They have been busy since last night.
8. It is important for you to eat breakfast every morning.   9. She knows what to do.
10. They were doing their homework then.   11. This watch was found by her.
12. Let’s watch TV after dinner. と Shall we watch TV after dinner?   13. Baseball is more popular than tennis in Japan.   14. Bob is the tallest of us all.   17. I was glad to see John.
18. Will you open the window?   19. How about going to the sea tomorrow?
20. Can I use your bike?   21. It took an hour to finish it.   22. What day is it today? / What is the date today?   23. She is good at playing the guitar.   24. I am interested in animals.